Our Story

We are thrilled that everyone who shops at “Simply Free Spirited gallery & gift emporium” knows they are getting unique, wearable or displayable art.


Before we created the SFS Gallery & Gift Emporium,  we were two women who worked in different industries before coming together at Lock 24 Restaurant, Jennifer as the owner and Shelby as the bartender. We discovered through the day to day workings of the restaurant that we had a collective interest in all things art. While the restaurant kept us pretty busy, we still found time to intuitively create different pieces of art, display and sell them in the main dining room of the restaurant.

Then one day we had a thought, “why not put a small shop in the restaurant” with our collectively unique styles, we could offer an eclectic blend of wearable, displayable art.

We were concerned that our intuitive creations may not meld well with the restaurant business, but then we started to share our art with the customers who came in to eat and they started ordering our customized art. We realized that while people may come in to grab a bite to eat or drink, they also enjoyed being able to shop for unique gifts or special order items personalized to suit their needs.

So, We decided to take the small side room by the kitchen and turn it into “the chef’s deck gift shop”.

It turns out, the road was a bit more difficult than we imagined. We needed shelving, lighting and inventory with minimum cash flow and time. Shelby built the shelving out of wood and we purchased some used acrylic cases for the jewelry. We added our own inventory plus inventory from other local artists.

We had a start, but still faced some challenges. We have this gorgeous gallery style case in the restaurant with Shelby Nolan’s artisan jewelry & home decor in it, but the look and feel of the shop it self didn’t match. We feared that the expectations set by the main case in the restaurant would leave people feeling let down when they walked into the gift shop.   

the decision was made to rename and renovate the shop. “Simply Free Spirited Gallery & Gift Emporium was born” and we’re excited about the future.

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